Pre-ordering Goddesswear

The models and sizes of Goddesswear pants that La Luna Lädeli offers have built up on demand, so not all sizes and colors are available in all models.

If you didn't find your size in your favorite model, you can pre-order it in the available seasonal colors.

Goddesswear changes their color palette every 2-4 months, and sometimes I especially add extra colors that I like and that will be produced exclusively for La Luna Lädeli.

Please, be aware that I do not automatically order all new colors in all models and sizes, and that I order very few pieces of each new color/size/model combination. So, if you like one of the new colors, and want to make sure you will get a pair in your model and size, I also suggest you to pre-oder it.

The deadline for pre-ordering every month will be available here. From this date, it will take aproximately 2 months (7-9 weeks) for you to receive your order.

To pre-order simply contact me before the deadline specifying the model, size and color you would like, and I will contact you back confirming your order.

Next deadline: June 20th 2019

Approximate expected arrival of the order: July 25th 2019

Season Colors: