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Bamboo toothbrushes - Extra-soft

5.20 CHF

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HYDROPHIL bamboo toothbrushes are not only beautiful and comfortable to handle, they are also fairly produced, vegan and water-neutral, meaning that their production requires and pollutes as little water as possible.

The handle is made of fast growing and highly sustainable bamboo, while the bristles of the brush are made of BPA-free Nylon. The packaging is made of eco-friendly recycled and bio-degradable cardboard.

The extra-soft bristles offer a for thorough cleaning of your teeth while protecting your sensitive gums. As the bristles wear off through frequent use, we recommend changing your brush every 3 months.

After your toothbrush fulfilled its destiny, you can simply break off the toothbrush’s head including the bristles and dispose them separately. The bamboo handle is fully bio-degradable.

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