Love Travel Guides to India

As soon as I had a Love Travel Guide in my hands, I fell immediately in love. The texture of the hand-made paper, the khadi cover, the print and even the smell convinced me to trust the content. If somebody takes such a good care to produce a book like this, for sure the same kind of care has been taken to select what goes in the guide!

And I was not mistaken! It is in one of the guides that I discovered the amazing WomenWeave project responsible for the beautiful scarves you can also find at La Luna Lädeli.

Love Travel Guides began in 2007 with the goal to enable the readers to fall in love with each destination. The simplest criteria for what gets in to the guide is: "Does this entry help you fall in love with this destination? If yes, then it is in; if no then, it is out. Simple".

The author of Love Travel Guides, Fiona Caulfield, believes that "Falling in love with a city is just as exciting as falling in love with a person. Your senses become more engaged and you simply feel more alive."

She explains: "I write about travel because I love to travel. I believe that travel is not simply an external journey, it is always a journey inside ourselves. Travel has the ability to transform us and to reveal parts of ourselves that otherwise may remain hidden and undiscovered. I believe that great journeys are like great love affairs, they never really end. I value authentic information. I believe that time is the ultimate luxury and I want to maximise great experiences and minimise poor ones."

Completely hand-made in India, Love Travel Guides pays homage to India's rich craft legacy. The books are printed on paper hand-made in Jaipur and hand-crafted with care by local designers and crafts people. The hand-loom khadi cotton book covers were developed in partnership with Delhi based fashion designer Sonam Dubal of Sanskar and are woven in Andhra Pradesh. The khadi and silk pouches were developed in partnership with Bangalore based fashion designer Sonali Sattar of Hidden Harmony, and are made from Mysore silk and khadi cotton from Andhra Pradesh.

Fiona is committed to Conscious Travel, travel that is environmentally and/or socially responsible. 10% of profits go to the Love Travel Foundation to contribute to Conscious Travel in India.

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