More Treasures...

This page is not ready yet... I plan to put some pictures of the many treasures that are not available online.

I believe some treasures are not to be sold online... They are all unique pieces that you need to touch, feel, try... All done by hand, in ethical conditions for the artisans.

They include:

  • Hand-woven shawls and scarves from WomenWeave (only a little sample is available online), Maku, Amba and Kala Swaraj Foundation
  • Hand-woven Cashmere shawls from Nepal
  • Hand-block printed men's shirts, women's clothes, scarves and sarongs from Anokhi
  • Hand embroidered scarves and shawls from House of Wandering Silk
  • The gorgeous colorful knitting yarns from Noro

Many pictures of these pieces are available on our facebook page.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in having a look! You can come to my house or I can go to yours if you gather some friends! And if you are too far away, we can exchange some pictures of what you would like to see, and I can still send it to you!

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