Cavallini Vintage Notebooks

I discovered these beautiful notebooks in 2003 when visiting San Francisco for a scientific conference, and since then they are my absolute favorite. Every trip to the USA involved searching the shops that might have them. I love the vintage prints and writing on the cream colored pages feels like caressing the paper...

Cavallini was founded in 1989 by Brad Parberry, a collector since childhood, after a year spent immersed in the culture and art of Italy. He started by importing art calendars from Perugia, and since then Cavallini's range has grown to include a variety of innovative paper products, characterized by vintage prints spanning hundreds of years. His archives preserve a vast variety of both everyday ephemera and rare, iconic images, including 19th century anatomical charts to mid-century travel guides, from maps to botanical plates.

At the moment I have only my favorite notebooks available, but as his range of products grows my appreciation and temptation grows too, so soon you will find here postcards, rubber stamps, gift tags, and florentine picture frames!

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