Shipping & Pickup

You can purchase your items online and pick them yourself in Zurich, or ship them directly to your doorstep, in Switzerland or abroad. Click on the relevant link below or scroll down to find out all the details.


Shipping in Switzerland and Lichtenstein

Ship your purchases directly to your doorstep for a flat rate of 12 CHF. For light and small items shipping will cost 6 CHF. Occasionally I will offer free shipping over a certain amount purchased, and this will be clearly announced on the homepage. Your items will be shipped by the Swiss Post within the next three working days after your order has been processed. Please note that processing times may vary. If I will not be able to process your order within three working days (I am often out of town), there will be an clear announcement on the Home page of the website indicating the next possible delivery date.

If you have any questions regarding shipping in Switzerland, please contact me!


Personal Pickup

Pickup your purchases yourself in Zurich and save the shipping rate. On the days and times announced here, I am in general at home, but the best is to agree in advance to make sure I will be here. We can also agree on other days and times that suit us both, I am flexible. I will contact you when your package is ready to arrange pickup.

The address for pickup is:

Paola Deprez

Effingerstrasse 5

8002 - Zurich

If you come with public transport, there are many options:

- S4 from Zurich HB to Brunau

- Bus 66 or 72 to Brunau/Mutschellenstrasse (please note that depending on the direction the bus stop is either on the Rieterstrasse or on the Mutschellenstrasse, but only the latter is shown on the maps!)

- Tram 7 to the stop Brunaustrasse (and walk up and down the hill for 10 min)

- Trams 5, 13 or 17 to Waffenplatstrasse. Connect with Bus 66 or 72 or 10 min walk.

If you come by car, there are blue zone and also white zone (parking meters) parking spaces around.

If you have any questions regarding personal pickup, do not hesitate to contact me!


Shipping outside of Switzerland

We use the Swiss Post to ship your package anywhere in the world. The shipping price depends on the final weight of your package (up to 2 kg per order), on your location (Europe or other countries), if you choose slow (Economy) or a fast (Priority) service, and for Priority service if you choose the option to track your package. Occasionally I will offer free shipping over a certain amount purchased, and this will be clearly announced on the homepage.

Please note that the prices on this website do not include tax, so the price you see is the price you pay even if it's delivered abroad. Also note that you might have to pay import taxes in your own country. If your country is not listed, please contact me and I can quickly add it to the list.

The following prices include shipping, packing and handling, and strictly reflect the cost of the packaging and shipping.


Rest of the World

Priority (3-12 w.d.) Track&Trace (3-12 w.d.) Priority (4-25 w.d.) Track&Trace (4-25 w.d.)
0-0.1 kg 7 CHF 12 CHF 10 CHF 15 CHF
0.1-0.25 kg 12 CHF 17 CHF 15 CHF 20 CHF
0.25-0.5 kg 17 CHF 22 CHF 20 CHF 25 CHF
0.5-1 kg 23 CHF 28 CHF 30 CHF 35 CHF
1-1.5 kg 28 CHF 33 CHF 35 CHF 40 CHF
1.5-2 kg 33 CHF 38 CHF 40 CHF 45 CHF

*w.d. = work days


Please note that if you want to be able to track your package, you have to choose "Track&Trace". Without this option there is no way to know where your package is, and La Luna Lädeli does not assume responsibility for it anymore.

To give you an rough idea of the weights of different items, the pants weight between 0.3 to 0.4 kg depending on size and model, the shorts are around 0.15 kg, the bamboo cutlery sets are 0.03 and 0.05 kg, and the travel guides range from 0.4 to 0.5 kg. To this you have to add the weight of the packing material that will vary a lot depending on the size and type of items in your order, from 0.03 to 0.3 kg.

If you have any questions regarding shipping, do not hesitate to contact me!