I first learned about WomenWeave through a post made by Fiona Caulfield in her Love Travel Guides Facebook page, and I immediately felt that I had to get involved!

WomenWeave is a Charitable Trust founded by Sally Holkar in 2003 in Maheshwar, India. WomenWeave teaches highly marginalized women hand spinning and weaving, so that they can earn a fair income through a fulfilling, sustainable and dignified activity.

Besides the specific skills training, WomenWeave is involved in creating communities of weavers and connecting them with potential customers, sponsoring the weavers children's education, taking care of their health, developing the use of locally grown organic cotton, using natural dyes with earth-friendly processes, and much more.

WomenWeave collaborates with young designers from the prestigious National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad to create scarves that combine modern fashion design with traditional techniques. Their scarves are made with a diversity of materials, designs and colors - and I have available many different ones! However, only a small selection is available online.

If you want to explore the full range of beautiful scarves, feel their texture and try them on, contact me to organize a meeting, or visit one of our events. Part of what I enjoy the most is the process of helping you find the best scarf for you! To be informed about our events, follow La Luna Lädeli on Facebook or subscribe to the Newsletter.

Another way to see the full range of scarves and shawls is to organize a "Scarf party" at your own home! Gather some friends and I can bring everything I have! This also includes scarves and shawls from other organizations and slow fashion designers (like Amba, Maku and Somaiya Kalavidya), as well as hand-woven cashmere shawls from Pokhara, Nepal. I can bring as well my computer with pictures and videos of my travels so you can meet the weavers, see them at work, and learn more about the different projects.