My name is Paola Deprez, and I came to Switzerland in 2001 to do a Postdoc in Molecular Biology... As you can guess, since then many things have changed!

Now I mostly organize and teach, together with my husband Adrian, Yoga & Meditation retreats, and make available things that I personally love for different reasons and find worth sharing through La Luna Lädeli.

The seed was planted in December 2011, but La Luna Lädeli concretely started on the 12th of December 2012 (12/12/12!! Oh! I just realized that!!) when I placed my first order of Goddesswear pants. Soon I added the To-Go Ware reusable bamboo utensil sets, and the beautiful Cavallini notebooks that have been my favorite notebooks for years.

Slowly, without looking for more products, more beautiful and worth sharing things started to come my way, like the Love Travel Guides to India, completely hand-made and committed to conscious travel, and the WomenWeave scarves produced in India in the context of an amazing social project.

Not everything is available here though... I believe that some things, especially hand-woven textiles (do you hear my heart beating faster??), cannot be sold online: they have to be touched, smelled, felt, tried... so that you can fully appreciate them. So if you want to explore through the full range of beautiful treasures, you can contact me to organize a meeting, or visit a pop-up shop or gathering that I hope will happen at least once a year. To be informed about this, follow La Luna Lädeli on Facebook or subscribe to the Newsletter.

I really hope you will enjoy the online shopping experience, and that you will be as enthusiastic as I am with the things you will find here!