First La Luna Lädeli Market & Gathering! December 13 2014

Flyer First La Luna Lädeli Gathering

Even though an online shop is very practical for many people (also for me!), especially if you already know the products, I still believe that the best way to choose something is if you have the chance to see it with your own eyes, touch it, smell it and try it on!

Yet at the moment having a "real" shop is not an option for me due to high prices and little time (I still do research, teach yoga, and have a family that includes an energetic boy). But there is still the option to meet once in a while. The idea is to organize more or less regular gatherings where you can get to know the products, try them out, learn more about them, meet some friends and have a nice cup of Chai!

The first one I did on December 2014 was a great success! My neighborhood friends Miriam and Cristina offered their beautiful Yoga and Ayurveda room, Rock'n'Well, that is right at the border of the Sihl. My husband Adrian and my son Manu had a fire outside with marroni and Chai, which was ideal to chat around. Parents took turns to see the shop while the kids stayed playing outside. In the middle of the afternoon we moved the tables around to chant some joyful mantras led by Adrian, Daniela and Maureen, all from the Shakti Shuttlez.

I hope to be able to organize such events regularly that not only give a chance to check La Luna Lädeli treasures life, but are also an opportunity to gather with friends and meet new ones!

If you want to be informed about this gatherings and about new products coming up, check up regularly the Events section of the News, follow La Luna Lädeli on Facebook or subscribe to the Newsletter. I will be happy to show you all my treasures!

If you happen you have a cool space where such a gathering could happen on a weekend for a day or two, please let me know! Spaces that don't cost a fortune are not easy to find...

Of course, I didn't think about taking pictures until the very end when I was packing...