Welcome to my brand new site! May 23 2015

Hello! Hoi! Gruezi! Salut! Ciao! Hola!

Welcome all to my brand new site! I hope you will enjoy browsing through it and that you will find some treasure for yourself or your loved ones.

Everything you will find here is a treasure for me, and it will make me really happy if your like them too! Each of them has brought me and continue to bring me some kind of pleasure or joy. Some had made my life more comfortable, in many I admire the craftmanship, some were conceived to help us treat our earth with care and respect, many are produced in socially, ethically and environmentally responsible ways, and absolutely all of them had brought beauty into my everyday life...

I had planned to make this site multilingual, so that you can easily navigate and connect with the stories and with every product. But I hadn't realized the amount of work it is to set up a webshop (especially if you started as totally ignorant of code and at the same time you are perfectionist!), so for the moment only the English version is ready. I hope most of you will be able to understand, at least a bit!

And without any further ado, I leave you to explore!