Community Gathering with La Luna Lädeli, Shakti Shuttlez and Shakti Tanz! October 26 2016

Community Gathering at Wandellust
(Deutsche Version hier)

On the 10th of December 2016, let's gather, meet good people and hang out in a beautiful and relaxed space.

La Luna Lädeli will be present from 11am on with a variety of handmade and ethically produced Christmas gifts. The main attractions are the beautiful organic cotton and silk shawls from the WomanWeave project in India and the softest Cashmere shawls from Nepal, but there will be also shawls from other slow fashion designers and other little awesome gifts!

The Mantra singing with the Shakti Shuttlez will start at 6pm and will last around 2 hrs. Expect like always everything from calm, sweet Mantras to full ecstatic singing and dancing.

Directly afterwards, from 8-10 pm, Shakti Tanz will guide you through a unique dance journey with the elements. We will dance with joy and wake up our Shakti!

Hanging out and socializing, drinking Chai with friends and La Luna Lädeli shopping will happen in the afternoon until 6pm and then after 10pm. Between 6pm and 10pm there will be a continuous flow of chanting & dancing in the main room.


11:00-18:00: Slow and conscious shopping with La Luna Lädeli, free warm Chai and food in the lounge. Bring something to share for the finger food potluck buffet if you like!

18:00-20:00: Kirtan with the Shakti Shuttlez. Bring a cushion to sit on!

20:00-22:00: Dance journey with Shakti Tanz. Bring your water bottle!

after 22:00: Sharing, chatting, potluck buffet, Chai, and more from La Luna Lädeli.


Wandellust, Zollikerstrasse 74 - 8008 - Zürich, 1st floor


Chanting only 20 CHF/ Dancing only 20 CHF/ Both together 30 CHF

We hope to meet you there!